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Do you:

  • Ever need a product or service that is beyond your core business?
  • Look for suppliers you can trust?

We maintain a large database of suppliers for specialist applications. For your core business supplies, you are likely to know the market well, however when you require suppliers outside of your core capability then we can help. Our supplier register includes everything your business needs - from specialist software, insurance, builders to specialist printed material (for example we work with 45 pinters that all have their own specialist capabilities).

For factory automation solutions, our subsidiary Applied Process Engineering provides free site assessment to determine the most appropriate solutions for the optimum pay-back per pound investment.

For Example: If you are looking for a machine to be built, there are many machine builders that would claim to be capable of doing the job.

Only a few would actually have the specific experience required to prevent re-inventing the wheel. Such experience reduces both the cost and risk.

Even fewer suppliers may have built that very machine before or even solved the problem in a simpler way. This is why we are focused on the results and not the technology used.

We can only help if we know your requirements. Please phone, e-mail or post the following information to help us match you with suppliers:

  • Your requirement
  • The relevant market sector e.g. food and drinks industry, power generation, retail, etc.

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